Playing Singing Bowls in the Sanctum of St Georges Cathedral in Cape TownPlaying Singing Bowls in the Sanctum of St Georges Cathedral in Cape Town

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In the Beginning……& General Information
How to make your Singing Bowl ‘sing’
History of Singing Bowls
Healing Meditation No1
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Chakra Cleansing Meditation No3

Celebration of World Peace Day Sept 2010Celebration of World Peace Day Sept 2010
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NadaNada In the beginning wind ('lung') moved the Great Silence & created Sound.
In Creative Myths worldwide, sound is recognized as the womb from which the Visible and Invisible emerged.

The Bronze Age in Asia dates from 1600 BC. Small Chinese metal bowls were known around 11th Century BC and are the oldest objects described as 'Singing Bowls'.
By the 6th Century BC the Chinese, being far advanced in the manufacture of metal alloys, made perfectly tuned bells. During the time of Confucius in the 5th Century BC, the ancient kings were ever careful about things, which affected the heart. It was said that sound vibrations came from the heavens & were interpreted by the heart, the place where harmony arises.

Nada is the subtle and periennial sound; Sound within Silence of Compassion & Peace.
Nada is the first stirring within, that heralds the beginning of the evolutionary process and from which radiates energy and matter :-
– space, formless atmosphere, fire, water and earth
– the basic constituents of the ever-evolving universe
Nada is also experienced by an unagitated mind that leads to eternal bliss.

In those days it was through tones & music in rituals, which brought people’s inner feelings & external conduct into balance to establish peace in the nation. The singing bowl is essentially a heart-oriented experience.

In Tibetan Buddhism metal offertory dishes & chalices on altars in monasteries, are honoured ritual objects. It makes sense that they have a special sound, with the offering emanating from a harmonious cradle.
The singing bowls that I supply come from the North Western part of India, from McLeod Ganj, a hilltop mountain station which is a bustling Tibetan refugee town where His Holiness the Dalai Lama resides. Below there is a magnificent view of the Kangra Valley and the town of Dharamsala where the Tibetan Buddhist Parliament in exile operates.

Seven Metals

According to tradition, the bowls are made of seven metals with each metal representing one of the Planets:-
* Gold - the Sun * Silver - the Moon
*Mercury - Mercury * Copper - Venus
* Iron - Mars * Tin - Jupiter * Lead - Saturn
The resonance of these articles is due to the fact that they are made out of these 7 metals. Each of them as you see are related to the planets which were the only ones recognized in ancient times. To the ancient philosophers all visible things were the symbols and representations of invisible powers, thoughts & ideas of the 'Gods' out there in the heavens above. The words "celestial' or "heavenly" had a very a superior meaning. The expression "Astronomy" was something quite different from the science it is known by today.

Therefore something constituting many metals as in the forms of singing bowls, Tibetan bells, gongs or tingshaws, would alchemically give rise to Sound which would connect the listener with the far reaches of the 'divine forces' and bring the mind of the listener into alignment with unity of everything.

Hot metal was poured onto a flat stone and when cool, was beaten into the shape of a bowl. In modern times, the nomadic smiths seem to have disappeared and sadly, the secret knowledge handed down is dying out with them. Singing bowls produce as many different sounds as there are variations in their metallic content.
Every metal manifests its individual sound and harmonics - each offering it's own exceptional medicine of sound - giving a sense of great peacefulness, space and paradoxically profound silence.

Each bowl has a life of its own and sings it's unique song. The resonance flows around and through the body, sympathetically tuning it.
You can hum or intone directly into the resonating bowl. The voice reinforces what the ears are hearing & creates a circuit connecting the ears with the voice, resulting in a more focussed listening mode. The difference between hearing & listening now becomes obvious.
Two of the advised guidelines for meditation are the focussing on breath or alternatively on sound. The vibratory sounds of the Singing Bowl are ideal for stilling the mind & bringing it into a centred clarity.

How to Make your Singing Bowl ‘Sing’

Hold your bowl on a flat hand..............Grasping it dampens the sound.Hold your bowl on a flat hand..............Grasping it dampens the sound.
• Place the bowl in the palm of your flattened hand. Gong it softly with the wooden mallet and with your eyes closed, absorb the sound. Listen not only with your ears, but also get in touch with how it makes you feel. The sound and harmonics is always a unique experience for each person.
• Then, strike the bowl lightly again and with pressure rub the mallet firmly around the top outer edge. It starts to sing quietly and increases in volume with successive rotations. Do not force the sound louder than it wishes to vibrate, otherwise it will rattle unpleasantly. Persevere and you will get the knack of it.
• Sound becomes visible when you rub your bowl, which has been filled with a little water. It hums and sometimes the vibrations even cause a fountain of tiny, sparkling droplets. These sounds patterns the water much like a mandala.
Incorrect angle of the mallet......................Correct angle of the mallet.Incorrect angle of the mallet......................Correct angle of the mallet.

Antique Singing Bowls are no longer available. The Singing Bowls of today are manufactured by hand or they are machine-made or both. All the bowls that I supply are hand-beaten bowls. I do not supply the machine made singing bowls that have shiny, highly polished appearances.


Vary according to weight, height, diameter, wall thickness & quality of sound.
Each bowl is individually priced and has its own unique sound.
On average they range between R800.00 & R2000.00

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Purchases are made by contacting me directly.
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You are welcome to phone me and make an appointment to see the singing bowls from my showroom at my home in Cape Town.
OR.....If you live upcountry phone me and you make your selection from the quality of the sound of the bowl that you hear over the phone. In this case your eyes do not detract from what you hear and your listening attention is not compromised.


Singing Bowls from the ‘Fire Bird’

In his book, “Messages from Water”, Masaru Emoto demonstrates that not only thoughts, words, ideas and sound affects the molecular structure of water, but his research also proves amazingly, that there is a vibrational correspondence between metals, emotions and planets. It is therefore not surprising that the sounds of singing bowls made up of 7 metals, calms the mind and helps balance the stormy emotional tides that plague our human condition.

Masaru Emoto constructed a device and was able to measure the negative vibrations coming from people. They corresponded to the vibrations emitted by different elements. e.g.
vibrations created by irritation are equivalent to those of mercury
irritation / mercury / Planet Mercury
anger / lead / Planet Saturn
sadness & sorrow / aluminium
uncertainty / cadmium
despair / steel
stress / zinc

In ancient times the most sacred of all singing bowls were made of meteorite metal. This metal created powerfully resonant bowls which became precious ‘alchemical’ amulets of that era. Coming from the sky, the meteorite was perceived to come from the auspicious Godly realm. When this 'Fire Bird’/ Phoenix shook the Earth, the peoples of the world were afraid. Were their lives tainted by ill-omen? The uncontrollable force with which the meteorite struck, brought potent Godly messages for mankind which were interpreted by seers, oracles and shamans. This event was so astonishing that astronomers, astrologers and mathematicians immediately interpreted the positions of the 7 known planets seen in the heavens. And so these astrologers, priests, shamans, oracles, mathematicians of yore would rush to the emperor/king for him to disseminate the powerful message down to his minions. The people would listen closely knowing that he was the great mediator and pacifier between themselves and the wrathful Gods. The communication from the ‘as above’ down to the ‘so below’ regulated human conduct and guided hearts. It was through the alchemy of sound played in rituals and ceremonies that human beings could experience their divine connection.
The 7 planets were known as the Gods of the Heavens. The resonance of singing bowls made of 7 metals corresponding with the 7 known planets of the time, emphasized this connection with their Gods. These singing bowls are still to this day made up of 7 different metals, with their sonorous and beautiful soundwaves bringing one to deep inner Silence, sometimes even experiencing the numinous. (These correspondences are mentioned above).

In Egypt the capstone of the pyramids was made of crystal. Then the capstone of the capstone which was called the Ben Ben stone, was made of meteorite metal – known to be the conduit or the connecting link (the Phoenix/ the Firebird/ the Bird of Enlightenment) between us mortal beings and the eternal Gods.

To conclude – it is exciting to find well researched evidence linking metals, emotions & planets, making it clearly obvious why these metal singing bowls have a profound effect on us. The drum of the Universe throbs its eternal beat within us. May we listen to our heart with the same pulse and may we add to its creative rhythm.



Psychological difficulties or trauma sinks into the unconscious and gets ‘time-locked’. The physical energetic body also gets ‘memory-locked’ deep into the cellular energy. The physical, emotional, mental bodies having embedded the damage, bubble up and manifest as physical disease, neurosis and/or mental aberration. This can be triggered at any time when a situation resonates with the original experience. Sound is capable of merging - when the audible, physical vibrations sympathetically resonate, retuning the energy so that healing occurs.

  • 1. Sit in a comfortable position with a straight spine, with your singing bowl on your lap.
    Close your eyes & breathe deeply & slowly.
    Bring your attention to your body.
    Ground yourself. Feel the weight of your body & feel the rootedness at the end of your spine with the Earth. Feel the stability.
    In a relaxed manner feel the energy stretching from your coccyx to the top of your head.
    Feel the ‘balance’ of your being.
    With every out-breath relax your muscles to a greater & greater degree.
    Relax the muscles around your temples & eyes.
    On your next 3 out-breaths let go of all anxiety, tension, negative thoughts & suffering of any form.
    Now on your next 3 in-breaths, breathe in calmness, peace & tranquility.
    Feel the quiet pulse of your body & feel its vibrancy.
    Allow thoughts to fade away & surrender to a still space beyond thoughts.
    Be gentle. Be open & receptive while being unattached to outcomes.
    Just be in this space for a while.

  • 2. If you have a teacher, guru, enlightened ones, masters, healers, medicine people, guides, angels & ancestors, call them in to be with you.
    Otherwise call in all those energies that love you, to guide & help you.
    Breathe them in to your heart space & feel their presence naturally arising in you.
    Ask for balance & harmony of body, speech & mind.
    Feel this support & feel thankful.

  • 3. Now intend with sincerity that all beings be happy & free from suffering.
    May we take care of our environment & all in it.
    May we serve Life & deepen our compassion.
    May we realize our wisdom.
    Slowly let your surroundings disappear.
    All that is impure dissolves into emptiness.
    Everything that emerges out of this, is pure.
    Feel yourself suspended in a void.
    Find your calm. Find your still point. Feel this presence.

    Position of the Singing Bowl in order to send equal stereo sound to both ears.Position of the Singing Bowl in order to send equal stereo sound to both ears.

  • 4.Now quietly take up your singing bowl and softly make it sing. Just let the sound flow around you. Breathe the sound in & let your breath out gently with a long sigh. Practice the ‘doing’ (rubbing the bowl to make it sing) with the ‘non-doing’ (listening – with the singing bowl in front of and slightly below the face, hearing it evenly with both ears).

  • 5.Now hum the tone of your bowl. Listen to yourself.
    Enjoy yourself. Listen to both your silence & your sound.

  • 6.Find out wherever in your body you feel tightness, stress, anxiety, pain, fear (whatever your word is). Hum the sound of your bowl and direct your hum to the specific area, allowing the problem to dissolve in the sound. You may even want to track this feeling to a memory or an event so that you can better recognize & know it. Watch out when wanting to ‘get rid of’ anything for this creates suppression merely to leak out at another time.
    Humming the sound of your bowl (or you can say a mantra in the same tone or even ‘Om’) is working with Sound vibration from inside-out. Transforming energy from outside-in, continue working with your bowl making it sing, or ‘gonging’ it with your mallet in the area of your focus. This is a gentle process, and one of great kindness rather than being tough & judgmental.

  • 7.Imagine the sound of your voice and the bowl’s vibration shimmering through this area until you feel it’s clear. Then mentally scan your entire body spreading this amazing clarity of sound throughout. When you gong your singing bowl and you can hear a completely clear ‘after-tone’ coming from your bowl, then you can move on.

  • 8.You can do this healing for others. You can also focus on harmonizing situations or problems.

  • 9.Feel the calm seeping into you. Find your joy & bring a ‘lightness’ into your being. Feel yourself becoming pure of mind. Hear the sound & visualize it spreading through & between every cell of your body becoming ‘shimmering sound’ from head to toe and beyond the boundary of your skin.

  • 10.End your singing bowl healing meditation by playing & listening to the sound of your bowl until you ‘forget’ yourself & become completely quiet, allowing yourself to move into a silent Alpha state, a still pond without a ripple - open to wisdom.

    This is not a discipline, but rather a relief and a joy, ‘time-out’ for your inner well-being.



    (Also called Metta)

    You can use this meditation in your everyday life.
    Is a very effective way of generating positive potential.
    It has many benefits– taught as an antidote to fear, to sleep well waking up fresh & happy, for good dreams, for serenity and a peaceful mind, to be loved & protected, to be healed.

  • 1. Get into a comfortable sitting position (not lying down) and gently gong your singing bowl. Close your eyes and let the sound disappear into silence.
    Quietly gong your bowl again and with the sound use your breath to relax your body and mind. You may need to do this 2 or 3 times until you become quiet.

  • 2. Now start with the heart feeling of loving kindness and compassion for yourself, because unless you have it for yourself, you can’t have it for anyone else.

  • 3. Speak a to d below out. Make the words heard…lovingly, gently.
    Make your intention vibrate. Please use no forcefulness.

  • a. May I be happy.
  • b. May I be free of fear / suffering. (and from the causes of suffering)
  • c. May I be healed / whole – physically, emotionally, psychologically.
  • d. May I be peaceful – filled with loving kindness.
    Very gently gong your singing bowl and mentally say “so be it”. This strengthens the intent. Then as the sound of the bowl dissipates rest in this silent awareness for a while.

  • 4. Then think of a being that you love and dwell in your love for this being.
    (In each case run through the phrases 3a to 3d….’May he/she/name be happy.’)
    Very gently gong your singing bowl and mentally say “so be it”.
    As the sound dissipates rest in this silent awareness for a while.

  • 5. Extend loving kindness out to others you love & care about.
    Repeat procedure above…….’May they be happy.’
    Very gently gong your singing bowl and mentally say “so be it”.
    As the sound dissipates rest in this silent awareness for a while.

  • 6. Now think of people you are neutral about and grow the feeling bigger to include the country, then Africa, then the world, then all sentient beings.
    Repeat procedure above…….’May they be happy.’
    Very gently gong your singing bowl and mentally say “so be it”.
    As the sound dissipates rest in this silent awareness for a while.

  • 7. Then go to those you don’t like and extend loving kindness to them as well – for they too will become Buddhas. Repeat procedure above…….’May they be happy.’
    Very gently gong your singing bowl and mentally say “so be it”.
    As the sound dissipates rest in this silent awareness for a while.

  • 8. Now think of enemies and through the heart forgive them, and want for them to be happy and free. To love, to care, to have goodwill…..without limits.
    Very gently gong your singing bowl and mentally say “so be it”.
    As the sound dissipates rest in this silent awareness for a while.

  • 9. Then the universe……may your love touch all and bring happiness to all.
    Finally bring your attention back to the room and send loving kindness to all the people in the room. Repeat procedure above…….’May they be happy.’

    Very gently gong your singing bowl and mentally say “so be it”.
    As the sound dissipates rest in this silent awareness for a while.

  • 10. Bring your attention back to yourself, back into your body and your attention to this moment. Rest silently for a while.

  • 11. Then gong your bowl gently for the last time and feel the loving energy around you and be filled with gratitude.

    (Each atom is made of a positive nucleus and negative electrons rotating around it. Because of this rotation, an electromagnetic field is generated. So it is a given scientific fact that everything in this universe is vibrating - every thought, every word and every emotion, how we feel, think and speak defines our particular vibration. Spoken words create vibrations and waves in our mind, which awaken subtle powers, similar to ripples a pebble creates when tossed into a pond. )



    Gong your bowl or make it sing.
    Hum or sing 'Om' of the lowest equivalent sound of your bowl that you can. When you hum or sing this lowest 'doh' sound that you can make (which is in harmony with your bowl), imagine the Base chakra centre at the end of your spine and visualize red light flowing through the surrounding tissues and organs.
    If you feel or sense a blockage in this area just settle down quietly and work with imbuing the sound into this chakra until it clears. Don't be in a rush. Give yourself time and patience. Ask what the reason is for the blockage or disharmony in this area. Listen to yourself. When this chakra has cleared and is transparent and flowing, then move onto the next chakra.

    At the Sacral chakra step your voice into the next higher in tone of 're'.........and so you progress slowly all the way up the body visualizing the chakras and their corresponding colours, repeating what you did at the first chakra.

    If a person has too much energy, neurotic, anxious or continually in their head and generally 'hyper', then my suggestion is that they work back down to the base chakra. People who are 'flighty' of body, mind and spirit need lots of earthing. Imagine being nurtured in the red lava womb of the earth, to have all the steadfastness, rootedness and calm patience that is given to us by our Earth. Imagine all that comes with being plugged-in to the element Earth.

    If a person is dull, exhausted, depressed, heavy, needing energy and generally 'hypo', then I suggest that the movement is from the base chakra to the crown a few times. These people need to lighten, en-liven themselves with upward visualization…….ending their meditation visualizing a ball of white light above the crown chakra containing the colours of all the chakras, filled with healing and loving energy. Or end the meditation by visualizing a white Lotus above your head opening up to the sun and blooming.

    At the very end of the meditation gong your bowl and sit in stillness, peace and quiet not ‘doing’ anything….and not ‘trying’....just 'being' and dissolving into the fading sound of the singing bowl.